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several and different finishing of the final product

Habidite places tremendous importance on the strictly cosmetic appearance of their homes. Thanks to the use of ventilated façades present in a great variety of finishes and to system modularity, the company offers a tremendous variety of building finishes such as single layer mortar, face brick, painted mortar, stone, etc. Once the building have been completed, they will be no different from those built using traditional methods and will adapt perfectly to the preferences and aesthetic conditions dictated by their surroundings.

At the same time, the dimensions of the blocks provide the widest possible assembly configurations for buildings, offering spans from 9.9 m upwards that can always be extended in multiples of 3.3 m. The possibilities are absolutely spectacular! Developments in “S”, “P” and “U’s”, closed developments with interior patios, high-rise buildings up to 12-stories high, buildings with ground floors destined for commercial premises, buildings with archways, etc. the Habidte system adapts itself to practically any city planning requirement whatsoever.

Homes are available with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms. They can be equipped with standard or American-style open kitchens, depending on the whims and priorities of purchasers. Thanks to the system’s enormous flexibility, new layouts will be available in the near future that will include duplexes, 4 or 5 bedroomed houses and houses whose surface areas will range from 43.5 m2 to practically any surface area imaginable. In this particular sense, the development possibilities afforded by the different models is completely unlimited.

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