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for end-users

What do End-users expect to encounter when they buy a home? Solid, traditional buildings that look like “normal” houses built using traditional materials guaranteeing the sturdiness of the building and the long-life of their investment. They expect to find solid walls made from high quality materials insulating them from noise and heat. End-users are not usually concerned with the construction process as such, but rather with the final result they receive.

Habidite does not build “colourful building blocks”. The company’s aim is perfectly clear: namely, the optimisation of building process must not be carried out in detriment to the end product, which, in
turn, must be as good as, or better in every way, than a house built using traditional methods.

vivienda habidite


What does the person who has purchased a Habidite home get? Layout and spacious areas in accordance with market supply, well-known, proven building materials, a big plus as far as eco-technological systems are concerned, intensive domotic integration, the very best prime materials from well-known brand names, radiating floors, spectacular optimisation of energy efficiency, a clear vocation for sustainability with the re-use of natural resources and, above all else, perfect finishes.

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