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safety in the workplace

Habidite represents a vast improvement in the construction market’s previously harsh labour conditions. The advantages of our industrialised system for workers are innumerable.

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At present, 1.5 workers in the sector die every day due to accidents in the workplace. In a factory, safety measures are stricter, must be strictly complied with and are permanently supervised.

Most fatal accidents (nearly 40%) are the result of workers falling from different heights, something that is completely eliminated in a Habidite factory assembly line. Habidite saves hundreds of lives
every year.

working conditions

The improvement in working conditions for building and construction workers is the most important advance in the sector since the introduction of heavy machinery. Using our system, workers do their jobs in controlled surroundings without being exposed to inclement weather. Workers do their jobs in optimum lighting conditions. They are assisted by mechanised auxiliary systems especially designed to help operators maintain correct working postures in order to greatly reduce risk of cervical and back injury.

intemporality and settling down

Habidite provides stable job opportunities, unlike some of the characteristic segments of the building sector that rely on demand, which means that workers must travel to different regions in search of work.

Since our workers have a clearly established work schedule, they normally set up home near the factories, thereby contributing to the creation of new, economically stable urban centres.


Improved working conditions drastically reduce the economic impact of absenteeism and sickness leave not only for companies, but also for the Social Security system, which, in turn, benefits society as a whole.


Controlled surroundings means that workers can do their jobs under better hygiene conditions than those normally found on worksites. Modern Habidite factories are equipped with fresh running water, changing rooms, showers, dining rooms and leisure areas, all under-roof.

productivity improvement

Manufacturing processes are studied in depth so they can be carried out under optimum conditions. Auxiliary equipment makes workers’ jobs easier, whilst supply and storage of raw materials
are studied to reduce movement of workers to an absolute minimum and always with manufacturing quality and production increase in mind.



The implementation of mechanised processes combined with a better job environment allows job access to a much wider social spectrum. The difference between the number of men and women
in the construction industry is gradually diminishing and more and more women are incorporating themselves into this sector.


Sector development in stable surroundings - such as those represented by an industrial manufacturing factory - favours the workers complying with union directives since factors such as
labour precariousness disappear completely.


Greater worker loyalty allows the company to invest more money in on-going training programmes that allow workers to become more specialised in different stages of the production process.
Internal promotion is permitted and quality of different processes and production is thus improved.


A production plant of the above characteristics contributes directly to the development of the community, region and country in which it is built in the way of tax revenue, contributions and rates. habidite generates benefits in every direction.


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