habidite technologies

a real building revolution

This way of producing buildings represents benefits similar to those generated by production-line manufacture of any other product such as cars, for example. The process not only reduces production
times drastically, but also represents a clear saving in costs, spectacular improvement in job safety and a considerable improvement in everything related to environmental impact. It also stimulates the development of a strong industrial fabric and other auxiliary industries thanks to the plant itself and the fact that it acts as a driving force for the economy in the region in which it is built.


However, probably the most innovative aspect about this off-site building system is that it does not compromise the final results as far as usability, habitability, quality and type of materials used are concerned. In other words, the final product is a block of buildings or houses designed to be lived in and which offers exactly the same appearance as any of the other buildings in its surroundings.

Living in a Habidite building does not mean living in a weird-looking building in an experimental environment surrounded by strange and possibly extravagant materials. It is living in an impeccably finished traditional building, built using only the very best materials available in the sector.

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