habidite technologies

each factory can produce up to 3500 dwellings a year

All factories Habidite are divided up into production bodies at least 50,000 m2 in size, although the ideal size is some 150,000 m2. Production centres are gradually implemented and expanded and the number of shifts and manufacturing stages increase according to the growth possibilities of each region where the factory is installed.


Each production body has a manufacturing capacity of approximately 1,167 houses per year per 500-worker shift. This output capacity can however reach 3,500 houses per year, or even the 10,500 houses per year built in 150,000 m2 factories.

Each module requires 5 days to fully complete the manufacturing process. This means that an entire 5-story high building with 7 homes per floor complete with all necessary installations, fittings and equipment leaves the assembly line fully packed and ready for despatch every two and a half days.

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