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series production of dwellings

Modules used to construct buildings are manufactured on assembly lines very similar to those used in car manufacturing.

  • Reinforced, pre-stressed industrial systems are used to shape the inner cage that gives the module greater rigidity. This is also when pipes and conduits for different installations and the multi-purpose piece that allows the module to be attached to any structure in the building are also installed.
  • First concrete is pumped into an assortment of moulds and casts for different modules. Then the cooling and hardening process takes place in a completely monitored environment to ensure that temperature and humidity are maintained constant. The result is a perfectly-finished modular structure whose dimensions are millimetrically precise.
  • Inner parameters partitions without structural definition are addressed in the next phase after which modules are placed on special supports and transported along a production line conveyor belt. During this stage, the different fittings, equipment and domestic appliances are installed and the module is given its final finish.
  • During a second stage, auxiliary systems are assembled and installed in the modules through the openings in their roofs.
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  • At the end of each assembly phase, a quality control inspector checks and certifies the quality of the work. Those modules that do not pass this inspection are either returned to the production line or sent to a sort of “dry dock” when it is deemed that more work has to be carried out before the module complies completely with quality specifications.
  • The factory, which is equipped with the very latest technological advances in industrial robotics and automats, comprises a storeroom, a main production assembly line, several auxiliary production lines, a pre-assembly area, a despatch area and warehouse and rest areas, changing rooms, showers, offices, dining rooms, medical centre, etc.
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