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advantages of our production system

project control


Only by using the Habidite building system can the detailed supervision of running times and final project costs be monitored. All possible deviations in the construction phase are therefore reduced drastically.

Factors such as weather, absenteeism and irregularities in different trade production lines do not affect the planning of work.

simultaneous management and execution stages

EIn those important occasions when it is vitally important to accelerate the development of a particular scheme, such as when re-housing victims of disasters and natural catastrophes or when it is strictly necessary to meet delivery dates of subsidised buildings, site management can be effectively synchronised with real housing production.

This represents a considerable advantage for Public Administrations since they will thus be able to greatly reduce the problem of providing housing in their different regions.


The modular configuration of the system offers extraordinary perspectives since its application in future developments is limitless:

From the expansion of residential programmes, by adding duplexes, increasing the number of bedrooms and using modules shared between two houses in order to increase useful areas to the
development of new types of buildings such as hotels, residential homes, penitentiaries or prisons, office blocks, health and welfare buildings and shopping centres.

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