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rationalisation of space

An important part of any design project is the special emphasis the company places on interior design in order to guarantee that buildings offer extraordinary habitability and usability, including adapting buildings to specific sectors of the general public such as traditional families, young couples, the physically impaired, single person family units, the elderly, etc.

domotic panel

The aim of every Habidite project is to offer buildings that are the same sensorially as buildings constructed traditionally in as much as traditional buildings would appear to reflect the way their occupants live. A constructive system does not sacrifice habitability in favour of modularity. Industrialisation and transportability in no way penalise the distribution of the different interior spaces and layouts.

Habidite offers homes with up to 3 bedrooms, equipped with 1 or 2 bathrooms and fully equipped or American style kitchens adapted to the different legislation and norms of different communities.

building specifications relating to materials quality


  • Under-floor heating and cooling. Constant temperature in all rooms
  • Watertight condensation boiler. Maximum yield and advantage taken of energy contributed by solar panels
  • Air-conditioning. Regulation of air and humidity by nozzles distributed uniformly throughout all rooms
  • Weather control system. Programmable weather control station and weather control system
  • “Smart” blinds motorised “smart” blinds that adjust themselves depending upon environmental lighting conditions, pre-set comfort level and/or clock programming.
  • Security and safety systems. Perimetric and volumetric intruder alarms, fire alarms, medical alarms, water leak detectors
  • Domotic control. Directly programmable and/or remote air conditioning, blinds, shutters, safety, lighting, CC video-camera, domestic appliances…
  • Absolute connectivity. Total capillarity with voice, data and TV access in all rooms
  • Sprinklers. Fire detection and sprinkler systems installed in all common areas and exits


  • Insulations. Perfect water tightness and insulation for increased energy savings
  • Solar panels. Solar panels meet 70% of the need for hot water which is stored in an
    800-litre common storage tank and individual storage tanks with capacities ranging from 70 to 150 litress
  • Recycling of rainwater recycling of rainwater in independent 150-litre storage tanks for use in washing machines and dishwashers
  • Recycling of waste water recycling of waste water in independent 150-litre storage tanks for re-use in cisterns
  • Landscaped surfaces and roofs recovery of green zones, thermal insulation and gathering of rainwater for later use in washing machines and cisterns
  • Domestic appliances class A+ low power consumption domestic appliances with solar panel heated hot water intakes



  • Expanded clay all structural and dividing elements are made of light weight concrete made
    upbased on of RF-180 fire resistant expanded clay
  • Panelled façades. Unlimited finishes for buildings
  • Aealed roofs total guarantee of water tightness for planted garden areas and rainwater channelling
  • Internal partitions non-structural internal partitions permitting modification of interior volumes


  • Marble flooring in living rooms and bedrooms special tiling for radiant floors
  • Marble tiling in bathrooms and toilets
  • Clay tiles. High-quality clay tiles with decorative border in kitchens and the same non-skid tiles in terraces
  • Paint and mouldings. Smooth finished walls and ceilings and ceilings with decorative mouldings throughout the entire house


  • Exterior. Aluminium double-glazed windows with motorised blinds
  • Interior. Solid high quality oak doors
  • Entrances. Oak RF-60 fire-resistant security entrance doors


  • Fitted kitchen. High quality complete with vitro-ceramic cooking surface, oven, sink, washing machine, dryer, dish washer, microwave oven and Class A+ refrigerator
  • Bathroom finishes. Including flush-mounted toilets, fitted washbasins, hydro-massage tubs, high quality taps (faucets) and bathroom accessories
  • Devices and accessories. High quality electrical devices, connectors and sensors
  • Fitted wardrobes. Finished inside and out and ready for use
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