habidite technologies

moving assembly line of dwellings

Habidite Is an economic and social development project whose basic premises occupy a large industrial manufacturing plant with a production capacity of some 3,500 houses per year. A great industry with capacity to generate 1,500 direct jobs and with an unquestionable repercussion in the region in which it is installed.

The factory production of houses represents an import advance as far as the mechanisation of constructive processes is concerned, permitting them to be manufactured in an optimum, stable and safe way with previously unheard of quality indexes.

The production system is a clear replica of the one used by car manufacturers. Modules are manufactured at the factory and, after setting and hardening, are placed on a conveyor belt that
transports them through the different manufacturing stages in which different equipment is installed, different finishes are applied and different furnishing and service elements are installed. Upon
completion, perfectly clean modules leave the factory packed and ready for despatch to the work site.

This system reduces the execution time by 3/5ths as compared to traditional construction systems. This, of course, has tremendous social, economic and environmental implications.

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