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living/dining room


Homes have generous sized living/dining rooms (21.78 m2). These are even larger in home layouts having an attached studio area. In all cases, the living room also holds the dining area. The American style kitchens some houses are equipped with give direct access into the living room.

Special mention must be made of the important capillary wiring installations of data, communications and electrical power supply networks, the different lighting ambiences and the total domotic control of all these scenarios.

Homes also come equipped with under-floor heating/cooling systems, smooth painted walls, automatic blinds and high quality, earthenware floor tiles. Homes are handed over undecorated so that buyers can decorate them according to their own personal criteria and preferences.

cocinas con electrodomésticos A+


Habidite homes come equipped with either full or American-style kitchens, each of which are completely finished to extremely high quality standards and are equipped with quality wood furniture, taps (faucets) and work surfaces by high quality, well-known brand names.

All kitchens come equipped with Class A+ power consumption rated domestic appliances.

Space is distributed logically and efficiently for a clear balance between the kitchen’s use and distributionthe aesthetic and decorative conditioning of the kitchen itself.

Lighting not only in the work, but also in the general areas play an important role, as do kitchen furnishings and safety systems such as smoke and fire detectors.

confortables bedrooms


Bedrooms are spacious, relaxing and harmonious. Depending on the type of home, bedrooms can include an adjacent dressing room and/or studio areas in secondary rooms. Bedrooms always come equipped with beautifully finished fitted wardrobes and closets both inside and out.

Maximum lighting comfort. Habidite bedrooms are equipped with a lighting programme that means that lights can be easily adapted to different activities such as reading, resting, relaxing, studying, ...

Maximum thermal comfort. Depending upon the time of day and external weather conditions, the flow of hot or cold water through radiating coils of the radiating floors coils, together with the automatic, extremely-efficient adjustment of blinds connected to domotic control panels, allows to adapt efficiently and to provide a sensation of comfort and well-being that can be individually adjusted by each occupant. with respect to the time of the day or the meteorological conditions.

Total capillarity is guaranteed by data, television and telephone connectivity from all bedrooms.

baños completamente equipados


A great deal of attention is paid to areas used for personal hygiene. High quality materials. Luxury bathroom accessories and taps (faucets). Hydro-massage tubs. Piped background music. Underfloor heating. Total control of water temperature. Different environments can be created by using different lighting areas and installing flush-mounted bathroom furniture, washbasins and toilets to give the overall impression of harmony, space and luxury. A pleasure in every sense.

Technology at the service of safety. All Habidite bathrooms are equipped with water leak detection devices to prevent possible flooding.

Technology at the service of efficiency. The maintenance and repair of any of the elements comprising the bathroom, count with easy access for registry/gauge areas which allow operation on them without costly masonry and plumbing works.

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