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The viability of the Habidite Project depends on the company’s capacity to offer manifold building typologies based on a reduced number of module types. In this way Habidite can, by the industrialisation of only 13 different module types, configure multiple housing combinations that shape a infinity of building typologies.

Initially, Habidite has developed 4 modules whose principal functions make up a living/dining room, 3 modules charged with all the different kitchen distributions and installations, one of which is shared by 2 types of house, 4 modules making up the main bedroom as principal element, and 2 service modules, one of which is destined for common areas and metering lockers and the other
for stairs and lift/elevator shafts.

The possibilities the system offers, however, are infinite. Each new module developed offers multiple possibilities, geometrically multiplying the number of possible combinations of new types of homes. Without any doubt whatsoever, habidite is the off-site construction system offering the greatest growth potential, adaptability and flexibility according to public demand.



  • 2 módulos, 1 dormitorio y cocina americana
  • 2 módulos y medio, 1 dormitorio y cocina exenta
  • 3 módulos, 2 dormitorios y cocina americana
  • 3 módulos y medio, 2 dormitorio y cocina exenta
  • 3 módulos y medio, 2 dormitorios y cocina exenta
  • 4 módulos y medio, 3 dormitorios y cocina exenta
  • 4 módulos y medio, 3 dormitorios y cocina exenta
  • 4 módulos, 3 dormitorios y cocina americana
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