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construction quality

The traditional execution of ground floors to Level 0 guarantees the individual evaluation of the foundations of each and every Habidite building, which means that the building’s structural behaviour is always optimal.


The modular composition of buildings results in the over-sizing of most the pillars, meaning that buildings are even more solid and stable than traditionally constructed buildings.

A Habidite patented system strips the inner walls of buildings of their purely structural job, which means they can be done away with without affecting the structure as a whole.

certificate of power efficiency


With the premise of “minimum power consumption = minimum environmental impact”, Habidite maintains its commitment to offer a perfectly balanced end product by using a series of tab factors in which the profound application of technology also permits the maximum power reduction necessary for the correct operation of its buildings.

In this way, company’s buildings comply with the environmental requirements for the ISO 14000 Certification.

official building log

The industrialised manufacture of buildings offers sufficient and solid guarantees when it comes to establishing an official building log contemplating the steps to be followed regarding final installations, indicating the guidelines for correct building management in order to save power and water and including a precise and effective maintenance manual covering recently approved technical specifications in order to comply with current legislation.



Thanks to the use of high quality building materials and logical construction, Habidite buildings guarantee a life at least as long as, if not superior, to any high quality building constructed traditionally

The setting or hardening process of materials in a stable, controlled environment guarantee the maximum stability of construction materials used in the construction process.


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